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Here is a list of limericks that contain an anagram (mostly well-known ones) that were created by members of the Forum in Sept/Oct 2004.
The subject and the anagram are both in bold type.
In the brackets are: (the author of the limerick / creator of the anagram - if known).

With anagrams fun is in store.
They reveal what's hidden, and more.
"George Bush" is a name
Whose letters seem tame,
But they also can spell "He bugs Gore"!
(Chris Doyle / Phil Crowson)

George Best would, I'm quite sure, say "Cheers!"
If he knew what truth magically appears.
He'd sure get his kicks,
When his name is remixed,
As it aptly reveals "Go get beers".
(David Bourke / David Bourke)

Clint Eastwood would get satisfaction,
From our anagram-based interaction.
Our amusing wordplay,
Would sure "make his day":
His name rearranged's "Old west action".
(David Bourke / George Landis)

Eric Clapton, these days, ain't so hectic,
Old Slowhand's style's now quite eclectic.
On his famed 'Cocaine' track,
He's so damned laid-back,
That his playing is just 'narcoleptic'.
(Hans-Peter Reich / William Tunstall-Pedoe)

"Desperation"? One loveless befriends it.
One sick of their lot in life spends it.
But if you should decide,
To try suicide,
- Go hang yourself, as "a rope ends it"!
(David Bourke / 'Air Raid')

Adolf Hitler in history had his part,
- Annexed Sudetenland for a start.
A right little raver,
Was his girlfriend, Eva,
Who, each day, greeted him: "Heil, old fart!"
(Larry Brash / Eric Henry Johnson)

Madam Curie, a famous French dame,
Was a chemist of world-class acclaim;
It was no real surprise
When she won Nobel's Prize,
And her anagram's "radium came"!
(David A.Green / Mike Mesterton-Gibbons)

To an actor who's hard to surpass,
I propose that we all raise a glass.
Who else could this have been?
- Star of stage and of screen,
Alec Guinness. He's "genuine class"!
(David Bourke / William Tunstall-Pedoe. or Dick Cavett)

Tony Blair has the gift of the gab,
Thinks his policies are 'cool' and 'fab'.
But with Cherie each night,
He swings to the right,
Because he's a "Tory in Lab"!
(David Bourke / William Tunstall-Pedoe.)

Dolly Parton's support system's shot;
She hangs out everything that she's got.
And with her middle name,
Rebecca, in-frame,
She becomes "Bra coped? Clearly not!"
(David Bourke / David Bourke)

Margaret Thatcher liked weapons and armour,
Was a war hawk, yet a master disarmer.
Charisma, allure?
She had Ćem for sure,
So this Ćgram will endure: "That great charmer".
(Chris Doyle / William Tunstall-Pedoe.)

Osama bin Laden has fun,
With airplane and rocket and gun.
Peshawar's at four,
In his murderous score,
And, trailing, "Islamabad none".
(Alan Yoshioka / "DD")

Your "mother-in-law", don't belittle 'er,
Don't put her down, or try to skittle 'er.
She came free with the wife,
And she'll invade your life,
Which is why she becomes "Woman Hitler".
(David Bourke / 'Nypho')

"Eleven plus two"? Maths is fun,
When everything is said and done!
Just add them together:
Thirteen? Well I never!
- It's just the same for "Twelve plus one"!
(David Bourke / Melvin O. Wellman)

Eastenders is not at its best
The plot makes me feel so depressed.
The Beeb should reduce
All the shows they produce
When they recognise it "needs a rest".
(Horrid Stretchy Pus / Donald L. Holmes)

With "wealth", there is one thing for sure:
The legal profession have more.
They charge what they please,
In extortionate fees,
In return for re-wording "the law".
(David Bourke / Several)

Ayrton Senna da Silva's last day,
Was in '94, the first of May.
The unfortunate fellow,
Tried a left (Tamburello),
But was "driven on, as Satan lay".
(David Bourke / David Bourke)

There have been, from young Britney Spears,
Publicity stunts, down the years.
Down the aisle, all in vain,
Oops! She did it again!
- She has the "best P.R. in years"!
(David Bourke / Ron Young)

Presbyterians have worries and cares:
"Will we ever get to Heaven upstairs?"
They need have no fears,
They ain't "Britney Spears",
They are really just "Best in prayers".
(Larry Brash / unknown, 1838)

The USA's President Clinton
Who's buds with Blair (Anthony Charles Lynton),
When asked by the press,
Just had to confess,
And admit "I slept on DC intern".
(Scott Gardner / Darren Donlen)

Is 'genital piercing' your thing?
Would you like some labial bling-bling?
Emboss your clitoral shaft,
And render gents daft;
Make haste! "Get a nice lip-ring".
(Paul Pan / Paul Pan)

To the total relief of my spouse,
'A domestic housecat' has nous.
As she stands on a chair,
Screaming "There! Over there!",
Our feline, 'it DOES catch a mouse'!
(David Bourke / David Bourke)

It's a 'natural impulse' to thrust,
To further the species, a must.
To this end, mate, this means,
Something's there in your genes,
To make sure of 'pure animal lust'!
(David Bourke / David Bourke)

A 'lesbian romance' is when,
Two ladies, again and again,
Their resources pool,
With one golden rule,
And that is: 'Real basic: No men!'
(David Bourke / David Bourke)

To criticise Wren might seem callous,
- Sir Christopher tried enthrall us.
But his 'St. Pauls Cathedral',
Shaped round, not tetrahedral,
Resembles a 'castrated phallus'.
(David Bourke / Mick Tully)

'Windsor Castle', that place of renown,
At the Land Registry is written down,
As belonging to Liz,
And the reasoning is:
That re-ordered it's 'listed as Crown'.
(David Bourke / David Bourke)

Yasmin Le Bon trims and tones,
Always works out, despite Simon's moans.
Spends her life in the gym,
She's incredibly slim,
As a matter of fact, 'mainly bones'.
(David Bourke / Karen Harris)

The United States of America might
be known for its culinary delight.
From all that I see,
Its name ought to be
The "Mac and Fries Eat-out Site."
(Larry Brash/ Larry Brash)

The "Pentium processor" was born,
For many a nerd with the horn.
His left hand surfs with joy,
On this powerful toy,
Because it "computerises porn".
(Horrid Stretchy Pus / William Tunstall-Pedoe)

One of Monica Seles' ploys is,
(And something she really enjoys is):
Loud grunting whilst serving;
Her opponent un-nerving,
By making obscene 'camel noises'.
(D.B. / Unknown)

Updated: May 10, 2016


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