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Dear Mr Viddik

I hate you. I hate you with a passion that has seethed for forty years, and unless I vent it, I'll erupt like a volcano.

You won't know me because I was one of the many little kids who passed through the torture chamber you called a classroom.

Yes Mr Viddik, you were my music teacher. But not any old teacher; you were an arrogant, sour, insensitive despot who single-handedly set back my musical appreciation by thirty years. Amazing!

Oh yes, you did demonstrate some classical stuff to us, but made no attempt to convey the passion, joy or genius that went into it, for you had none of these attributes yourself.

You made my musical appreciation a personal nightmare, and subjected me to the most humiliating experience of my life because I couldn't tell a crotchet from a quaver. In front of all my classmates, you beat a rhythm on my head with a blackboard eraser and, while great clouds of chalk-dust rained down past my tear-filled eyes, you shouted: "Tell me boy, what's going through that head now? Crotchets or quavers?"

The tragedy is, Mr Viddik, I do have an affinity for music. It can tear at my soul; it can lift my heart. I only have to hear something from 'Les Miserables' and I'm in tears. If I hear 'Night Fever' I'm up on the floor disco-dancing like a man inspired. But the classics leave me cold because they remind me of you.

Tragically, it is too late to redress this deficiency; it would take a lifetime to regain the knowledge and passion needed - and I hate you for that, Mr Viddik.

Are you wondering how I found your address? Easy: I looked in the phone directory and there you were. I didn't know if you'd still be alive because God knows you must be older than Methuselah, but I phoned the number and some nice old dear confirmed that yes, you had taught at my old school, and did I wish to speak to you? I said no - well, you can express hate so much better in a letter. And that's what I've done, and I feel great for having done it, so put that in your Wincarnis tonic-wine and drink it you swine.


A. Crafter.

Dear Crafter,

Infernal cheek! I don't drink Wincarnis; I am a whisky man through and through. And why you expect me to remember you, I can't imagine - all you kids were snotty-nosed little brats, and what's more, most of you felt the edge of that blackboard eraser on your tatty, oily little skulls.

My teaching methods were tried and proven year by year, and if you didn't learn from them, that's your own daft fault. How dare you call me insensitive? May God strike me dead if I ever displayed one jot of insensitivity towards any of my

Dear Mr Crafter,

As you can see from the enclosed letter, my husband received your communication, but was unable to complete a reply.

He showed me your letter before going into the lounge to give a piano lesson to Chico, a Brazilian music student. He instructed me to pour him a stiff Scotch and to leave it on his desk so that he could drink it whilst doing a reply to you. As was his custom, he had some particularly caustic comments to relay to you.

The reason he didn't finish it is because I found him slumped over his bureau, pen in hand, as dead as a dodo.

Do not blame yourself Mr Crafter; he was all the things you described him as. I should know, I spent a lifetime's association with the loathsome masochist. My friend, yours wasn't the only volcano to erupt ...

That remark, although symbolic, about putting your hatred into his Wincarnis tonic-wine, gave me an idea. He loved his daily whisky, and that proved to be his undoing, for the pungency of the whisky disguised the taste of the paraquat.

I know I can rely upon you to destroy this letter (after all, we are kindred souls are we not?) In any case, I'll be out of the country when you receive it. I intend to take up residence in Ipanema and to lead a life of unbridled debauchery with my attractive young paramour Chico who, I am delighted to say, has achieved a quite remarkable degree of manual dexterity as a result of my deceased husband's lessons.

My! My! At least he left one decent legacy!

Adios amigo!

A joyous,

Victoria Anita Viddik


New Woman's 100 Sexiest Men in the World 2006:

1st Brad Pitt
2nd Jake Gyllenhaal
3rd Orlando Bloom
4th Johnny Depp
5th Clive Owen
6th Jose Mourinho
7th Shayne Ward
8th Daniel Craig
9th Simon Jones
10th Olivier Martinez
11th George Clooney
12th Thierry Henry
13th Robbie Williams
14th David Beckham
15th Jude Law
16th Josh Holloway
17th Adam Brody
18th Pete Doherty
19th Alex Zane
20th David Tennant
21st Gavin Henson
22nd Heath Ledger
23rd Leonardo Di Caprio
24th Joaquin Phoenix
25th Prince William
26th Preston
27th Matthew Fox
28th Jonny Wilkinson
29th Jamie Foxx
30th Vince Vaughn
31st Hugh Grant
32nd Freddie Ljungberg
33rd Vernon Kaye
34th Colin Farrell
35th Dermot O’leary
36th Justin Timberlake
37th Ewan Mcgregor
38th Fabio Moretti
39th Ashton Kutchner
40th Usher
41st Jason Statham
42nd Eminem
43rd Keanu Reeves
44th Matthew Mcconaughey
45th Owen Wilson
46th Viggo Mortensen
47th Matt Le Blanc
48th James Cracknell
49th Antonio Banderas
50th Calum Best

51st Tom Cruise
52nd Ralph Fiennes
53rd Goran Visnijic
54th Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff
55th Will Smith
56th Prince Harry
57th Naveen Andrews
58th Sean Penn
59th Brandon Flowers
60th Colin Firth
61st Simon Webbe
62nd Pierce Brosnan
63rd Jean Christoph Novelli
64th Michael Owen
65th Gael Garcia Bernal
66th Carl Barat
67th Mick Jagger
68th Steve Jones
69th Jason Lee
70th Cillian Murphy
71st Max Beesley
72nd Paul Bettany
73rd Matt James
74th Nigel Harman
75th Jonathan Ross
76th Lee Ryan
77th Richard Fleeshman
78th Jamie Oliver
79th Steven Gerrard
80th Damien Lewis
81st Anthony Head
82nd Jason Orange
83rd Andrew Lincoln
84th Jody Latham
85th James Mcavoy
86th Daniel Radcliffe
87th Patrick Dempsey
88th Robert Webb
89th Adrien Brody
90th Johnny Knoxville
91st Paul Walker
92nd David Cameron
93rd James Blunt
94th Russell Crowe
95th Ashley Cole
96th Colin Murray
97th Ben Shephard
98th Will Young
99th Gordon Ramsay
100th Alex Turner

Now the hundred most dead-gorgeous, sexy women 2006... true VIP "Top Totty":

1st Natalie Imbruglia
2nd Anna Kournikova
3rd Helena Christensen
4th Halle Berry
5th Kate Beckinsale
6th J-Lo
7th Helena Bonham-Carter
8th Penelope Cruz
9th Elle Macpherson
10th Jennifer Aniston
11th Pamela Anderson
12th Angelina Jolie
13th Cameron Diaz
14th Sophie Ellis-Bextor
15th Barbara Schett
16th Emma Major
17th Norah Jones
18th Thandie Newton
19th Jade Jagger
20th Victoria Beckham
21st Kylie Minogue
22nd Avril Lavigne
23rd Sharon Stone
24th Andy McDowell
25th Ms Dynamite
26th Mya
27th Minnie Driver
28th Gwen Stefani
29th Dido
30th Carol Vorderman
31st Beverley Craven
32nd Sheryl Crow
33rd Uma Thurman
34th Isabelle Dinoir
35th Naomi Campbell
36th Joss Stone
37th Jamie-Lee Curtis
38th Lulu
39th Olivia Newton-John
40th Enya
41st Drew Barrymore
42nd Gabby Logan
43rd Alex Kingston
44th Fifi-Trixibelle Geldof
45th Bonnie Langford
46th Twiggy
47th Geri Halliwell
48th Joanna Lumley
49th Samantha Fox
50th Emma Bunton

51st Goldie Hawn
52nd Jemima Khan
53rd Patsy Palmer
54th Exene Cervenka
55th Jennifer Warnes
56th Sara Cox
57th Winona Ryder
58th Stevie Nicks
59th Cheryl Ladd
60th J.K. Rowling
61st P.J. Harvey
62nd Jerry Hall
63rd Madonna
64th Demi Moore
65th Davina McCall
66th Cher
67th Mel Brown
68th Mel Chisholm
69th Monica Lewinsky
70th Whoopi Goldberg
71st Courtney Love
72nd Divine Brown
73rd Jane Fonda
74th Sophie Wessex
75th Joan Collins
76th Steffi Graf
77th H.R.H. Her Majesty The Queen
78th Wendy Richard
79th/80th Trinny/Susannah
81st Rose West
82nd Janice Long
83rd Joan Rivers
84th Tessa Jowell MP
85th Sally Gunnell
86th Victoria Wood
87th Lindsay Davenport
88th Jordan
89th Ruby Wax
90th Dawn French
91st Jenna Bush
92nd H.R.H. Princess Anne
93rd Clare Balding
94th Jo Brand
95th P.M. Margaret Thatcher
96th Huffty
97th Janet Street-Porter
98th Ann Widdecombe MP
99th Camilla Windsor
100th Cherie Booth


Poisoning Pigeons In The Park
Tom Lehrer

Spring is here, ah-spah-ring is here,
Life is skittles and life is beer.
I think the loveliest time of the year is the spring. I do. Don't you?
'Course you do.
But there's one thing that makes spring complete for me,
And makes every Sunday a treat for me...

All the world seems in tune
On a spring afternoon,
When we're poisoning pigeons in the park.
Every Sunday you'll see
My sweetheart and me,
As we poison the pigeons in the park.

When they see us coming, the birdies all try an' hide,
But they still go for peanuts when coated with cyanide...
The sun's shining bright,
Everything seems all right,
When we're poisoning pigeons in the park.

We've gained notoriety,
And caused much anxiety
In the Audubon Society
With our games.
They call it impiety
And lack of propriety,
And quite a variety
Of unpleasant names.
But it's not against any religion
To want to dispose of a pigeon.

So if Sunday you're free,
Why don't you come with me,
And we'll poison the pigeons in the park.
And maybe we'll do
In a squirrel or two,
While we're poisoning pigeons in the park.

We'll murder them all amid laughter and merriment,
Except for the few we take home to experiment...
My pulse will be quickenin'
With each drop of strych'nine
We feed to a pigeon
(It just takes a smidgin)
To poison a pigeon in the park!

A Weekly Entertainment
An ode arranged by Dick "Trigger Happy" Cheney and the Smoking Guns

It's hunting time! It's hunting time!
An airborne grouse and a gun sublime!
Yes, I must say - on weekends, I'm fond of one keen little hunt. A lot. You're not?
Go get shot!
You see, only some stooge won't admire it
And this shadowy wish which inspires it:

On my weekend retreats
I feel eerily sweet
When I pepper my pal in the face.
No impaired quails in flight
Would evoke this delight
As I pepper my pal in the face.

When those buckshots go in, they are sure to make quite a dent
But those are the risks when one hunts with Vice Presidents...
Even oil rigs or drills
Are no match to the thrills
When I pepper my pal in the face.

Well, I smoothly aspire
To feign a misfire,
But really aim higher
At his head.
And if he expires,
And someone inquires,
I'd long be retired
Or already dead.
So why go on this gun-toting journey
Without bagging me an attorney?

Come by next time, you may
View an awesome display
Of me, peppering our pals in the face.
Oh, we'd have tons of fun
And perhaps gun down nuns
While we pepper our pals in the face.

All week long I spook international terrorists
So how truly important one tiniest error is?
Yes, even Dick Nixon
Was getting his kicks on
One peppering diet -
Oh, ain't it a riot
To pepper my pals in the face!


You are my destiny
You share my reverie
You are my happiness
That's what you are

You have my sweet caress
You share my loneliness
You are my dream come true
That's what you are

Heaven and heaven alone
Can take your love from me
'Cause I'd be a fool
To ever leave you dear
And a fool I'd never be

You are my destiny
You share my reverie
You're more than life to me
That's what you are

You are my destiny
You share my reverie
You are my happiness
That's what you are

You are my misery
You steal my liberty
You are my soreness
That's what you are

Your adhesion, ah, so severe
Your presence, ah, so dire
You're my dream of heavy dread
That's what you are

Hell or inferno alone
Sent your pure venom to me
Because I'm a dupe
To live near a demon wretch
I'm even asinine!

You are my heavy faker
You steal my heyday
You're a disease to me
That's what you are

You are my achy fever
You steal my heaven
You're even a vampire
That's what you are