Anagrammy Winners by Graham Perkins

All the winning anagrams by Graham Perkins from the Anagrammy Awards.

SPECIAL CATEGORY, November 1999:
3rd - Graham Perkins with:
[A line-by-line spamagram.] =

Great New Book Tells About Male Sexual Secrets =
A better sex game? No, we at USA sell true bollocks.

Now any man, regardless of age, can easily learn: =
Ay, we liars sell men a nosegay and no fragrance.

* To be multi-orgasmic =
* It's a lot more big cum.

* To greatly increase the intensity of his orgasm =
* Oo try feel! I'm inserting "shag toy" in the cat's arse.

* Triple the length of his orgasm =
* Fit motet: longer, higher splash.

* The secrets to penis enlargement =
* See me stretch glans on t'pine tree.

* Discover the male G-spot =
* To give head! (sperm clots)

* To greatly increase semen volume =
* Sell toy... see more cum enter vagina.

* The facts about Viagra, plus new drugs =
* Tab? Usual act guv'... soft penis grew hard!

* To eliminate premature ejaculation =
* Jam a lime in! O ta, acute penile torture!

* The secrets of getting his partner to want more sex =
* Sent for expert tit-shag, then wet orgasm secretion.

* To eliminate impotence at any age =
* Inanimate pale totem? Gone icy? Eat!

* To have up to a three hour erection =
* I cheer out "O! Hot rapture to heaven!"

New, Easy to Read Book on Men's Sexual Secrets
Male Sexual Secrets
Written by Robert Winter and Jeff Rutgard, M.D. =
Barren, excruciating, bad twaddle sent by sour tossers just to make extra moneys. Well, we dream of free tenners!

This is a fantastic new book covering so many little known and unknown sexual secrets you'll be amazed. =
Wankers conning swarms of wild males. You use naked bunny-bonk titillation on Sleaze-TV to exact e-cash.

If you don't learn something new in the first few pages that greatly increases your sex life we'll return your money. =
Unsurprisingly, we fleece thousands of really shag-hungry men. Ie, we treat nation of ex-tit-feelers to worry, enmity.

The total cost of this book is only $12.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling. =
Killing anon! Ships load of cash-blend to shitty shopping tout.

To order " Men's Secrets" Call 800-442-4853 24 hours a day or you can send your check or money order for $16.90 to: =
Dear moron,
Hurry, carry truckloads of cool cash to us!
Sorry, red-eye men, no C.O.D. (see note)

Avatar Publishing
168 second Ave
#PBM 285
New York, NY. 10003 =
Ass! We build vapor-company 'n' bank everything!

This message is sent in compliance of the new e-mail bill: SECTION 301. Per Section 301, Paragraph(a)(2)(c) of S.1618 =
We're nice Sicilian criminal chaps that sent piles of feeble spam messages to con a poor thing.

To be removed from our e-mail list please send an email with the word Remove in the subject line to or call 888-248-2594. =
Here's how to eliminate e-address error volume. Eleven million foolish men attempt to terminate e-jabber. We vacuum clods!


1st - Graham Perkins with:
The actress, Jamie Lee Curtis =
Er... here's a clue: majestic tits!


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