Anagrammy Winners by Paul Equinox Collins

All the winning anagrams by Paul Equinox Collins from the Anagrammy Awards.

SPAM CATEGORY, February 1999:
1st - Paul Equinox Collins with:
A little while back, I was browsing through some newsgroups, just like you are now. I came across an article similar to this that said you could make thousands of dollars within weeks with only an initial investment of six dollars! I thought: "Damn, this must be a scam and illegal".
It was, but as that didn't stop you, you chose to vex us all with a new incarnation of the same limited story. Oh, I wish this jerk's cash claims were true, but I know such unmitigated trash is illegal and lacks kudos. So, we ignore mail or blame? O no! I'll find anagrams among all this swill.


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