Anagrammy Winners by Ralph Musco

All the winning anagrams by Ralph Musco from the Anagrammy Awards.

3rd - Ralph Musco with:
Live Girl Productions Learn how to Strip for your partner! with "The Art of Seduction" Video

You deserve romance ... fantasy ... ecstasy... You can have it all!

Add romance to your relationship and sizzle to your lovemaking. Rekindle the embers of your passion into a roaring blaze! Reach new levels of intimacy.....Mary Taylor's workshops are for women who want to create or revitalize a loving relationship. You will gain confidence and courage as you learn how to set the stage and enact a sensual and provocative performance for your lover, using romantic settings and fantasy plots.

About Mary Taylor




Invite blazing passion into your love life.

Dive into hot water-sports fun at!

This dazzling new hit video, "Urine My Dreams", is all you'll need to become the greatest piddler ever! Cool narrator Courtney Love demonstrates how you can easily empty your bladder like a porno star, in a car, on a railway train or an airplane, or totally vacate in a zoo, cavern, loo, or cafe!

Watch curvy oriental call girls force-urinate on noodles, and sweet hookers "pee-water" a gay stud's face!

Covers moral issues, urinary care and hygiene, stream focusing, reversal training, ways to change flavor/odor, improving flow, "body washing".

Rush to




Table of All-Time Winners

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