Anagrammy Winners by Wayne Baisley

All the winning anagrams by Wayne Baisley from the Anagrammy Awards.

1st - Wayne Baisley with:
Chairman Mao =
I am on a march.


GENERAL CATEGORY, February 1999:
1st - Wayne Baisley with:
Genetically modified food =
Died of E. coli, FDA lying to me.


1st - Wayne Baisley with:
I am mentally disturbed =
Tell my Martian buddies!


eq.1st - Wayne Baisley with:
William Sherman =
I'm "War is Hell" man.


3rd - Wayne Baisley with:
Solitary confinement =
Ancient. Flinty. Morose.
Can't see in flinty room.
Cement floor, insanity.
Container, often slimy.
Controls meanie. Nifty.
Fair lost in yon cement.
Fancy nil-sin roomette.
Felony merit sanction?
Fits loner con, anytime.
For men, in a tiny closet.
"Infernal" comes to "tiny".
Innately sine comfort.
Innocent flies to Mary.
Interaction? On my self.
It's my felon container.
Leitmotif: "one's cranny".
Manifestly nonerotic.
Matt Cori's Felony Inne.
Meanin' strictly one-of.
Mine, sanctity of loner.
My life in can -- Too stern.
No, I'm not scantily free.
No it isn't fancy, Elmore.
Notice my arse on flint?
Not so many in, I reflect.
One life. Most tyrannic.
Oneself, intimacy-torn.
Rant, "My life not so nice!"
Rot in fancy limestone.
'S informal, yet not nice.
Smitten in cry of "Alone!"
Some flinty container!
Ain't leniency for most.
Any reticent in Folsom?
Felony's Intern-O-Matic.
No, let iron sanctify me.
City in fenestral moon.
Come into infernal sty.
Connotes my life in art.
Inclement. A soft irony.
Monastery inflection.
My son, a tin reflection.
Men's fancy iron toilet.
Are not flimsy, not nice.
It's only for manic teen.
Fits "intern-al" economy.
Lost in cannery of time.
Stony. Maleficent iron.
Lonesome, tyrannic fit.
My nonfiction relates.
My life not certain, son.
Comfy? Sentential iron!
Somnolence. I try faint.
An f-in' termites' colony!
...or cotenants in my life.
Not any? In terms of lice?
Loon in sync after time.
Comes into final entry.
Comfort seen in litany.
Eminently, act of irons.
Ton o' Feen-A-Mint lyrics.
Infection, Roman style.
Frantic? Moo intensely!
Crafty mole in tension.
Cry of metal in tension.
Cry of lame intentions.
Iron, stone fit clay men.
Cement-only is not fair.
Mofo in a snit recently.
Stayin' in cool ferment.
"Only Cretin" Manifesto.
City of lone mannerist.
One of stern militancy.
Miscreant into felony?
Mortify in lone ascent.
Rein nasty mofo "client".
Nice loser. Not many fit.
I ran my "no contest" life.
Nonaction. Tire myself.
Rest -- my nonaction life.
No, I may not lift screen.
Licit, nasty -- None for me!
Al fresco, I'm nonentity.
Manic loony in fetters.
'Tis nice, yet nonformal.
Notoriety, if clansmen.
Claim entry, "not so fine".
Eminent olfactory sin.
Nonlife's yet romantic.
Sectional for tiny men.
Time flies, canny or not.
Felt moony in canister.
Tiny men's cartoon life.
Nanny cloister of time.
Interns come in to flay.
Once more stay in flint.
Set in flint y con amore.
Only confetti remains.
Confirms entity alone.
Constant irony, me life.
Contains not my relief.
Or a life in my contents.
Controls a fine enmity.
Enormity: Contain self.
No can stifle enormity.
Entrance is only motif.
Insolent man. Ferocity.
It's not Florence in May.
Foments irony in eclat.
Mystic inlet for an eon.
Tiny, solo. Frenetic man.
Friction, one-man style.
Innocent's fairy motel.
Ninety tons of miracle.
Monocrat's feelin' tiny.
A monster city of Lenin.
Motion in flat scenery.
Nicotine felt masonry.
Meyran's nicotine loft.
Let me sanctify no iron.
"Sanction felonry" time.
More life non-sanctity.
Fitment-only scenario.
Since one may not flirt...
Tenacity in lone forms.
My life's traction: None.
Ailment: Cry of tension.
Ain't solemn for nicety.
Inflict any more stone?
Fools certain tiny men.
Tyrannic Motel, so fine.


eq.2nd - Wayne Baisley with:
A case of mistaken identity =
Testimony indicates a fake.


2nd - Wayne Baisley with:
Playing Tetris =
Try tiles in gap.


RUDE CATEGORY, January 2010:
1st - Wayne Baisley with:
Remington ~


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