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How the Anagram Checker works

This anagram checker was originally created in PERL by Larry Brash and later improved by Toby Gottfried.

It will do the following:

  1. Read the subject and the anagram.
  2. Count the letters (and, if specified, also the numerals) of each.
  3. Compare the content of each.
  4. Report whether it is an anagram or not.
  5. Report any letter (and/or numeral) differences.
  6. Give you the option of posting the result to the Anagrammy Forum.

Subject and Anagram:

Please separate subject and anagram using one of these separators:
= (a standard anagram)
~ (a sentence anagram, where the subject and anagram form a sentence)
(an antigram, where the subject and the angram have opposite meanings)

Do you wish to include numerals?

How to post your anagram to the Forum

If you wish to send your anagram to the Anagrammy Forum, complete the following:

Name (required)

RUDE Warning (please use for rude anagrams)

If the result is not an anagram, you will not be able to send it.

If you leave the name field blank, it will be sent, but you will be required to fill it in later.

Short anagrams (< 41 letters) will placed automatically in the Forum Message Subject field only. Longer anagrams will be placed automatically in the Message Body field and a cropped version of the subject placed in the Message Subject field.


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