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Home Page
The introduction page of the Anagrammy Awards. An overview of thw website, a brief description of each section of the website, forum announcements and important links.

The Anagrammy Awards Forum
Come and participate in the Anagrammy Awards! Post your own anagrams here, read and nominate recent submissions. It includes:

  1. New post page
    Send an anagram to the Forum.
  2. Forum Archives Index
    Links to all the archived posts.
  3. Forum Stats
    Statistics of monthly and yearly posts to the Forum

Information Pages

Anagrammy Forum FAQ
All about posting to the Forum:
How to post, guidelines for posting messages to the Anagrammy Forum, how to nominate anagrams, the categories, overcoming technical problems and more.

Anagrams FAQ Pages
Frequently Asked Questions about anagrams.

Anagrammy Rules
All about the rules governing the Anagrammy Awards:
Category definitions, nomination and voting rules, the Grand Anagrammy Awards and other information.

History of the Anagrammy Awards
All about the changes that have occurred in the awards since their origins in 1998.

Anagrammy Links and Resources Page
Contains useful information on anagramming resources, such as downloadable anagram software, the Anagram Artist Homepage, comparing Anagram Artist and Anagram Genius, Online anagram generators, books, websites and wordlists for anagram generators.

Competition and Winners' Pages

Current Nominations
A full list of nominations in the current Anagrammy Awards.

Voting Page
Where to vote for the Anagrammy Awards.

Leader Board
Where to keep track of the leaders in the current Anagrammy competition. Password-protected during the competition.

Latest Results
Contains a description of the most recent competition, and announcement of the winners and minor placegetters, and the Awardsmaster's Choice Award.

Past Results
Contains all available collected descriptions of the competitions, and, since January 2005, complete voting summaries.

Winners Index Page
An archive of all the winners and tables of each year's winners.

Rankings Page
Current ranking of Anagrammy winners, using a formula that ranks winners over the current year and previous four years, rewarding recent wins more highly.

All the Archives

Archives Index Page
Complete archives of the nominations.

Voters per month
A table and graph of the number of people who voted each month.

Search the Archives
Use our search engine to find anagrams in these archives and also the Hall of Fame, Literary Archives and Forum Archives. You can also search external anagram archives, such as Anagram Genius Archives and Google Groups for posts to alt.anagrams.

Literary Anagrams Index Page
An archive of all the anagrams created from poems, songs, prose etc.

Forum Archives Index Page
All previous postings to the older forum ( between 9th April 2002 and 28th March 2003:

Best of the Rest
A 16 page archive of the best anagrams never to have won Anagrammy Awards. Compiled and updated by Richard Grantham.

Hall of Fame
A 22 page archive of 1000 classic anagrams from sources other than the Anagrammy Awards. Compiled and updated by Larry Brash. In alphabetical order.

Miscellaneous Pages

Miscellaneous Directory
Interesting, unusual and unclassifiable pages from around the site.

Anagram Checker (PERL)
Check your anagrams for accuracy. Includes the ability to check numerals as well as letters and allows you to post the anagram direct to the Anagrammy Forum. Written by Larry Brash and Toby Gottfried in PERL.

Anagram Checker Java Applet
Another anagram checker, the code of which is itself an anagram. Created by Richard Grantham.

Anagrammy Records Page
All sorts of Anagrammy Records. Longest, shortest, best winning streaks, and more.

Donation Page
Donate some money to help run this website.

Pages updated in the last week.
Lists pages that have been modified in the last 14 days.

The Art of Long Anagramming
An article by Larry Brash. Learn the tricks of creating really long anagrams.

Tribute Pages
Tribute to two late Anagrammy friends, Daniel F. Etter and Mick Tully.

Link to the Anagrammy Awards
If you have a website and would like to create a link to the Anagrammy Awards, we have several image and text links available. Just copy and paste the code into your HTML page.

Browser Recommendations
Advice on which browsers and settings will give the best enjoyment of this website.

404 Error Page
Yes, we even have a 404 Page Not Found Page with advice how to find the missing link.

500 Error Page
Also, a 500 Internal server Error Page when there is a script or server problem.

HTML Test Page
If you want to include HTML code in a massage to the Forum, preview it first using this page.

Anagrammy Team
Meet the folk, current and past, who make the Anagrammy Awards and website work..

Updated: May 13, 2016


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