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You can search all of the major anagram archives available on the Internet from one page.

All of the Anagrammy Archives, the Anagram Genius Archives, the Anagrammasia Database and the Google Groups archive of alt.anagrams postings can be accessed here.

When you are determining whether an anagram has been previously discovered, please search all four archives. (Anagrammy, Anagram Genius, Anagrammasia and Alt.Anagrams).

Searches expedited: Enter your search target into the THIRD field (Anagram Genius Archives), then use TAB or mouse click and the same text will propagate to all the lower fields. You must have javascript enabled.

Google Search of Anagrammy Website

Use Google to search this website or the web:


The most recent pages on the Anagrammy website may not have been indexed by Google.

Search major archives external to the Anagrammy Awards

Search Google Groups:

This search of alt.anagrams newsgroup may also include posts from other newsgroups.



Search Anagram Genius Archives:

Search for: Subject Author Anagram

Searches within the Anagrammy website

Searching Tips

For Anagrammy searches, the default search is to select pages which include any of your search keywords.

You can override this behaviour by using the following:

  • + (must appear): e.g. +Larry +Brash
  • - (must not appear): e.g. -Larry -Brash
  • " " (exact string): e.g. "Larry Brash"
  • or a combination of the above: +Larry -Brash +"Australian anagrammatist"

Search Nominations Archives, Anagrammasia Database and Hall of Fame:

This is the best place to search to see if your anagram may have been discovered previously, i.e. "Too good to be new!" If you find it here or in one of the other archives, please DO NOT post it to the Anagrammy Forum.


These archives include all nominated anagrams since March 1998, the Anagrammasia Database and also all anagrams in the Hall of Fame.

Search the entire Anagrammy website:

This will do a full search of the website, which is useful for looking for general information about anagrams and anagramming.

Search Long and Literary Archives:

Search the archives containing all long anagrams and those of a literary nature. We suggest using this to search for subject texts' authors, e.g. Shakespeare.

Search Forum Archives (old and new):

This archive contains all posts to our old forum at (9th April 2002 to 28th March 2003) and our new forum (28th March 2003 onwards).

Updated: May 10, 2016


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