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Here is a list of excellent books devoted to art of anagramming.

World of Anagrams

Author: Zoran Radisavljevic
Publisher: BeoSing, Belgrade, 2010.
Highly Recommended

On 193 pages (A4 format, 210x297 mm) and fine paper, book contains over 2700 works of puzzlemasters. Beside classic anagrams and modern anagrams in English, readers can find works on Italian, French, German, Spanish, Serbian, Croatian, Dutch, Norwegian, Latin and Greek languages, plus many variations of anagrams and nice illustrations. Wonderful design gives the artistic dimension to the book. Click here.

Anagram Genius

Authors: William Tunstall-Pedoe & Donald L. Holmes
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton, 1995.

You've tried the software, now read the book. A highly entertaining book with anagrams of famous people and institutions and cartoons illustrating the anagrams. Copies are available direct from the author's company: click here.

The Anagram Dictionary

Author: Michael Curl
Publisher: Robert Hale, 1996.

A compilation of over 20,000 words (including proper names) in alphabetical order, with all their known anagrams - from AARONIC (ocarina) to ZONED (dozen). The book also contains a brief history of anagrams from the ancient Greeks to the present day, and a section on cognate anagrams - that is, words, phrases or names anagrammed to give a phrase that is somehow related to the original. This is the section of the book that most people find really intriguing. Click here for details on how to order.

Words At Play - Quips, Quirks & Oddities

Author: O. V. Michaelsen
Publisher: Sterling Publishing, 1997.

There are several chapters on anagrams in this well-presented book, and a large collection of brilliant examples. There is a chapter on the history of anagrams and chapter on literary anagrams.

It is an intriguing collection of wordplay, served up by a former puzzle columnist for the Mensa International Journal and member of the National Puzzlers League. Every conceivable wordplay category is covered: puns, anagrams, palindromes, malapropisms, oxymorons, and just plain curiosities, many never before published.

The book can be purchased on-line via

Palindromes and Anagrams

Author: Howard W. Bergerson
Publisher: Dover Publications, 1973.

This is an important book on anagrams. The author is a former editor of Wordways and, as a result, the book is quite comprehensive. The book contains an excellent introduction to anagrams as well as a list of over one thousand examples mostly drawn from pre-1930 sources. It also covers several other subjects related to wordplay including palindromes, palindromic poetry and Vocabularyclept Poetry (using the words of one poem to create another).

The book can be purchased on-line: Click here if you wish to order

The Richard Stilgoe Letters: A jumble of anagrams

Author: Richard Stilgoe
Publisher: Unwin Paperbacks, 1981.

This is a highly eccentric book of fiction where all the characters are anagrams of the author's name, for example Dr. Gloria Ethics, Col. Tiger Rashid and Giscard O'Hitler.

It does however contain a good introduction on the subject of anagrams using "Florence Nightingale" as an extended example. He shows that there are many relevant anagrams such as "Leg on fire - change lint", "Ten facing gore in hell", "Fetch Nigel an iron leg" etc. but then shows that their relevance is coincidence as there are other anagrams which have absolutely no relevance such as "Ringo, the cleaning elf".

The Richard Stilgoe Letters is out of print, but it can be found in some British libraries. Also, the book was simultaneously published in Australia and can be found in second-hand bookstores there.

Read more about Sir Richard Stilgoe: Wikipedia article

The Oxford Guide to Word Games

Author: Tony Augarde
Publisher: Oxford University Press, 2003.

Chapter 8 of this book deals with anagrams. It contains a very comprehensive history of the subject and some examples.

You can purchase a copy via

Other anagram books

Click here for other books on anagrams from the Fun With Words website.

Updated: May 10, 2016


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