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Here is a fairly comprehensive list of downloadable anagram programs, ranging from highly sophisticated down to very basic. It also includes freeware, shareware and commercial software.

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Anagram Artist or Anagram Genius?

Compare the top two!

Please note:
Prices quoted below for commercial software and shareware may be inaccurate. Please check the appropriate website or email the author for current prices.

Updated: May 10, 2016
Minor redesign of page.
All links working.

Anagram Artist 3.05 for Windows

Anagram Artist banner. 3K

by Mike Keith
Highly recommended
Windows 98, XP, Vista

Visit the website

Anagrammy Team Recommendation:

In our opinion, it is the complete anagramming tool! Perfect for medium to long anagrams, but is also more than adequate for short anagrams. And it is free!

Download it now!

Anagram Artist 3.05 is a very impressive package that incorporates many features, such as a suggested word list, word filters, a synonym finder, a built-in anagram generator and many other useful extras.

It is an all-in-one tool designed for medium-to-long anagramming. As you type, the program continually offers a list of suggested words (sorted by how well they bring the unused letters into alignment with the ideal English letter frequencies). There is also a visual and numeric display of the letters remaining and of the proportion of vowels.

It supports parts of speech (so you can ask for only adjectives, for example), and has a rhyme finder to facilitate the construction of anagrammed poetry.

When you get to the last 25 letters a built-in anagram generator is available. This, in combination with the suggested word list and filters, makes Anagram Artist a powerful tool for finding short anagrams as well.

It is a 3.2 MB download. It works with Windows 98 and XP; it might work on Windows ME. It may not work on Windows 95, NT or 2000.

Winner of the Best Anagram Software in the Grand Anagrammy Awards every year since 2001.

We are proud to announce that this software is available exclusively from the Anagrammy website:

Click here for full details, improvements in Version 3.05, registration and download.

Compare it with Anagram Genius

Anagram Genius Version 9

by William Tunstall-Pedoe
Highly Recommended
Commercial Software
Version 9 - Windows
Version 8 - Macintosh

Visit the website

Anagrammy Team Recommendation:

This is brilliant for shorter anagrams, especially with people's names. The new version is a huge advance on the previous version and offers many new helpful features.

Try it, then buy it! Click the link here.

Anagram Genius is an excellent piece of software and is reasonably priced.

One of the main differences between Anagram Genius and other anagram software is that it allows you to describe in detail the text (Male, Female, Business, Satire, Flattery etc.) as well as (optionally) the relevance of individual words. The software then scores the anagrams it finds, selecting those which it thinks are most likely to be relevant and meaningful based on the information that you have provided and its knowledge of English.

This approach has the advantage that much less manual scanning of the output is required: you can choose to keep only the best 500 or so anagrams if you wish.

You may first wish to try out the free Windows version before you upgrade to the full commercial version. It works for 15 runs or one month (whichever comes first) but lacks some of the features of the full version. A free evaluation copy can be downloaded here.

You can buy the latest Windows and MacOS versions of Anagram Genius online here, using a credit card. The price is $US39.95 or £24.99. Existing customers looking for upgrade information should go here.

Version Nine involves radical improvements to almost every aspect of the software. Full details of the software can be found here.

  1. A completely new user interface. The window can now be maximised to the full size of the screen and many many more anagrams and subwords can be seen at once.

  2. Improved anagram generation. The lexicon is now 150000 words and phrases.

  3. Integration with the Anagram Genius archive. All the thousands of brilliant anagrams in the archive are now displayed by the software and you can submit your own new discoveries for consideration directly from within the program!

  4. Compulsory words. Words can be made compulsory so they will appear in all anagrams. This is an extremely effective method for finding highly relevant anagrams and making anagrams of very long subjects.

  5. Weeded anagrams and subword changes are preserved. The software now allows you to build up the weeded list over several attempts. Changes you make to the subwords of one subject can even be applied to another closely related subject.

  6. Multiple custom dictionaries. Instead of just a few categories and a single "user dictionary", you can now have any number of custom dictionaries supporting a potentially infinite number of categories and even enabling some support for other languages!

Compare it with Anagram Artist

AG (Previously known as Anagrams 2.4 for Macintosh)

by Andrew Trevorrow and Nick Spencer

Macintosh 10.6+, Windows and Linux
Visit the website

If you have a Mac, this is the one of the few anagram generators available for Macintosh. Not as clever as Anagram Artist and Anagram Genius V.9, but good for short to medium anagramming. Unfortunately, the newer version actually lacks one of the most useful features of earlier versions, the ability to add words to a "tree" of selected words. That severely limits its usefulness for creating longer anagrams.

Download it now.

Anagram Generator

by Jason Rampe
Windows XP/Vista/7

Visit the website

Anagram Generator:
1. Creates anagrams and lexigrams.
2. Generates reverse dictionaries.
3. Word search function allows wildcard search on dictionary.
4. Allows you to see if your phone number spells anything interesting.
5. Searches for palindromes.
6. Search for words that rhyme with other words. Ideal for song writers, musicians and poets.
7. Includes English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch and Spanish dictionaries.
8. Solves Jumble puzzles.
9. Saves all results as txt files for future viewing/editing/printing.
10. Non-encrypted dictionaries allow full customisation of words if required.
11. Manually edited English dictionary trimmed to generate interesting anagrams at a much faster speed.


by Kim Moser
DOS & Windows

Visit the website

Anagrams is a DOS program but it runs under Windows as well. It has multiple options, including varying number of words, word length and too many others to list here.

A registered version of Anagrams costs $10.00. This will get you a larger dictionary (over 135,000 words) and other features.

Maanrag 2.0

by Onno Zweers

Visit the website

Maanrag is a free Dutch anagram generator for Windows. It has a word list of 180,000 Dutch words and can also import other word lists.

Anagram Master

by James Garton

Visit the website

Anagram Master quickly solves anagram puzzles using a large English dictionary. It is useful for solving anagram problems, scrabble, word yahtzee, word poker and a few other word games and puzzles.

You can input any length of anagram and select the size of words to search for. It uses a word list containing 80,000 words (includes plurals). It contains Bristish and American spellings for words. You can also replace the word list with your own; if for example you wanted to search for words without plurals, or even use a completely different language!

It is very simple to use, has a small file size, and there's no need to install: just unzip into any directory and run from there.

Anagram Finder

by John Walker

Visit the website

Anagram Finder finds anagrams or permutations of words in the target phrase. If one or more seed words is given, only anagrams containing all of those words will be shown. The target and seed may be specified by options or CGI program environment variables as well as on the command line.

Updated: May 10, 2016 (Dead links removed. Information on AG, formerly Anagrams for Macintosh, up-dated)


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