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Original text in yellow, anagram in pink.

These twelve haikus are anagrams in groups of three. In addition, they contain an acrostic constraint.

Foliage rouses.
Early lambs jump on grey snow --
Behold brave springtime.

Mornings enlightened.
A white daffy cocks its head;
Reaches for sunlight.

Absent birds return,
Project Migration complete;
Ready for young worm.

Moorhens grace blond brooks.
A gray snowdrop, brave tadpole
Yield to summertime

Julep for picnics,
Urges in fragrant meadows --
Nighttime's synergy.

Juice for the tennis --
Umbrellas defy weather,
Longing for this beach.

Autumn joins early --
Unrobed twig grasps forlorn branch.
Green renders to gold.

Swallows bluff the gloom.
Epidemic of harvest.
Pyjamas befriend.

Oak tries green acorn.
Chimney mouth spits acrid grey --
The time is bygone.

Natures array ebbs
Outstripped by hibernation.
Vengeful wintertime

Dejected blossom
Enthralling giggling children
Come Saint Nicholas

Jagged sky furrows
A wreath; food for my years corpse
No hope from summer.

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Learn To Like
Robert Service

School yourself to savour most
Joys that have but little cost;
Prove the best of life is free,
Sun and stars and sky and sea;
Eager in your eyes to please,
Proffer meadows, brooks and trees;
Nature strives for your content,
Never charging you a cent.

Learn to love a garden gay,
Flowers and fruit in rich array.
Care for dogs and singing birds,
Have for children cheery words.
Find plain food and comfort are
More than luxury by far.
Music, books and honest friends
Outweigh golden dividends.

Love your work and do it well,
Scorning not a leisure spell.
Hold the truest form of wealth
Body fit and ruddy health.
Let your smile of happiness
Rustic peace serenely stress:
Home to love and heart to pray--
Thank your God for every day.

Via, Veritas, Vita


Before www, we used VVV
"Via, Veritas, Vita" earned your degree.


A flatulent flatmate destroys my lie-in,
forlorn, fretty and yelling.

Through Belfast outcry I ascertain;
he's discovered he's Andrexless yet again.

(He's fondly known to us as Sledge.
Gets pulled by cold, scruffy dogs, it's alleged)

Before showering, I shave my soap.
Rory's a red-head, not only on top.


We adjourn to the Union,
to look at Cher ride her cannon.

Rocky is drooling; poor, horny loner.
So I nip for our orders; Four yards of Fosters.

After the orders, I hone my kebabsmanship,
on fodder of donner and curry chips.

A fresh gust of gravity lands me on my back,
The kebab upside up: secure, intact.

Home at last - our heads to lay.
Fulfilled, content: another lost day.

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Updated: May 10, 2016


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