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These are from the first Awardsmaster's Challenge in July 2000. The challenge was to anagram the first stanza of The Tiger by William Blake into a new poem about a different animal, keeping to the original metre and rhyme as much as possible.

Original text in yellow, anagram in pink.

The original text -

Tiger! Tiger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

The Winner: Martin Rand -

Gerbil! Gerbil! Toasty warm
On the filthy hamster farm,
Grind thy huge symmetric teeth
On fruit of fig (or underneath).

2nd place: Larry Brash -

Big cat, might of Asian lair.
Big feet thud; they seem so rare.
Grrr! Men hunt now, grim, deft.
Hurry, only thirty of them left.

3rd place: Linda Garrett -

Mister Bunny, flaming bright
What from God set thee alight?
In error, for this made (oh my!)
The lettuce-eating Furry fry.

David Bourke -

Shhh, grey mouse! Timid thing,
Furry barn cats often bring.
Grief! Meal for my mog to eat?
Run harder with thy little feet!

David Bourke -

The golden lion, such a sight!
"Grrrrr!" - We hunted fear thy might!
Thy big, mean form I mustn't fear...
Try it, Leo! Bite off my ear!

David Bourke -

Larry Brash? Hmm, he's right great!
Go unto him: "G'day, mate!"
But friend, write THE one cert Noms hit?
Try - yer effing full of it!

David Bourke -

Mr. Michael Tully, randy git,
Rented a horny teenage bit,
But her trim muff was oh-so-tight,
Sorry, M, for the fig-free night!

David Bourke -

Mr. Human Being, mortal soul,
Fights, grief, murder, in thy role.
By God! Hast He firm regret?
Act, if thy want the fire not yet.

David Bourke -

Mr. Weasel, if in hole so tight,
Only got in a nasty fight.
"Bugger!" he fumed (Barmy, I'd merit!)
Then "Torch that furry Mr. Ferret!"

Richard Brodie -

Rotten mongrel! Horrid mutt!
Ha! Let us fry its friggin' butt!
Yes! How? "Here, fair mangy game."
Fry the bitch in red-hot flame!

Dan Fortier -

Fat cat on fire! Who'd set alight?!
I 'm beside myself from fright:
ought he my greater terror earn
by light'n' my hut in turn?!!

Jon Gearhart -

Dog! Dog! whining mutt
Then mighty master shout, "Shut
Yer face ya f'n terrier!"
He left o'er my barrier.
-- Mr. Thingall-Bitoff

Jon Gearhart -

Tryst! Tryst! High fire ignite!
Flaming the warm, fat heart tonight
Hold close; be true
Remember, Dan F. -- I'm hungry for you!

Richard Grantham -

Lemming! Lemming! roaring free
Off the height into our sea.
Run, my critter - but to FLY???
Ah, why the frig d'the bastards try?

Richard Grantham -

Linda Garrett, her my sweet,
Truly is my "darling treat".
Both of us might boff together -
Ohh marry me, fit cunning heifer!

Mike Keith -

Golfer, Golfer, in dry rift...
Hurry, team - the better lift!
Though his game can run by mine,
That Mr. Woods rates mighty fine!

Meyran Kraus -

Light, furry mongrel at my feet:
Here, a short leg-bone to eat!
Sniff first ('hmmm...'), grunt, chew it hard;
"I go bury it in the yard!"

Tom Myers -

Mynah, mynah if he tatters loud,
I then wish for my shroud.
Tatter no more little bugger,
effect harm by firing trigger!

Martin Rand -

Alligator! Horrider
Than the mires of Florida,
Bare thy teeth! Frightening, fusty
Gum now fetching my member trusty...

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Updated: May 10, 2016


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