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Here is a comparision of the two best anagram creation programs available today, Anagram Artist (by Mike Keith) and Anagram Genius (by William Tunstall-Pedoe).

These programs approach anagramming in quite different ways as you will see below. Serious anagrammers use both depending on the type of anagram being created.

We suggest that you try both.




General description:

· Anagram Artist is primarily designed to aid a human anagrammatist with the task of finding anagrams by presenting suggested words and keeping track of the remaining letters as the anagram is partially formed.
· The focus is on the human operator and the software is primarily an assistant.

· Anagram Genius is designed primarily to generate anagrams all by itself.
· It uses sophisticated artificial intelligence and search techniques to do the work and attempts to find complete anagrams that are relevant and grammatical.
· Human input is optional and sought only to help steer the search to more appropriate places (and to select and tweak the best anagrams at the end).

Main Uses:

· Ideal for creating medium (40-100 letters) to long anagrams (more than 100 letters), but can be used for short anagrams, too.
· Special features help with the creation of anagrammed poems.
· It can generate anagrams only when there are 25 or less letters remaining.

· Ideal for creating short anagrams, such as peoples or product names.
· It automatically selects and ranks candidate words and, by utilising user-selected options, it creates the most relevant anagrams at the top of the list.

Ease of use:

· It takes a little while to become familiar with its use and all of its features.
· It requires more input by the user to create anagrams.

· Very easy to use. Just enter the subject, select options (if you wish) and hit "Enter".

Word Lists or "Dictionaries":

· It comes with one standard wordlist - which can limited to five levels of word commonness.
· Adding new customised word lists is done using the Dictionary Maker Tool.

· Multiple Word Lists available.
· Options of including Vulgar Words, Interjections, or dropped 'H' words can be selected.
· Customised word lists can be added and word lists can be edited.

Size of anagram:

· Any size anagram can be created, but the actual anagram generator can only be used when there are 25 letters remaining.

· It is capable of generating anagrams of up to 45 letters quite easily.
· Longer anagrams, well over 100 letters, are possible by selecting out "Compulsory" words.

Selecting out key words:

· Simply type them into the Anagram field.

· The user can select individual words from the word list (by double clicking) and to make each one "Compulsory".

Tracking the number of letters:

· Letter frequency is displayed numerically and graphically. The letter frequency histogram displays excess or sparse letters by different colours.


Tracking vowel/consonant ratio:

· Ratio is displayed numerically and visually. Vowel percentage can be varied when looking for candidate words.


Finding synonyms, rhyming words, or words with specific letters:

· It can do all of these, as well as finding words with particular prefixes or suffixes, and words with a particular number of syllables.
· There is a Constraints Manager for using even more spohisticated constraints.


Selecting parts of speech:

· Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, or Other parts can be selected.


Selecting gender, emphasis and language:

· Allows selection of British or American (or both) language.

· Allows the selection of Male, Female, or Inanimate.
· Allows selection of Satire, Flattery, Mixed or Neutral emphasis.
· Allows selection of British or American (or both) language.

Saving anagrams:

· Only one anagram at a time can be saved as a text file.

· Multiple anagrams can be save as a text file or as an HTML file.
· Subwords and a full list of raw anagrams can also be saved.

Help guide:

· Detailed Help Guide is available.

· Detailed searchable Help Guide is available.

Other features:

· Tweak Mode allows the temporary removal of a word without actually deleting it.
· Spell checker.

· Anagrams can be animated.
· Previous discovered anagrams from the Anagram Genius Archive can be displayed.
· Anagrams can be easily submitted to the Anagram Genius Archive.


· Windows 98, XP and Windows 7.
· No Apple Macintosh version.

· All Windows versions support Version 9.
· Apple Macintosh OS (pre-OSX only) supports Version 8 only.


· Recommended for the more experienced anagrammer wanting control over the words and letters.
· It can be used by beginners.

· Recommended for beginners, those looking for a quick anagram, and those not needing as much control over the words and letters.


· Free or make a donation.

· Approx $US40.00.

Where to get it:

· Here

· Free evaluation copy here.

Updated: May 10, 2016


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