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The Grand Anagrammy Awards

  1. Each January, The Grand Anagrammy Awards will be held to select the Best Anagrams of the Year. This will occur soon after the December competition has ended.

  2. All the monthly winners in each category (including ties) are eligible for entry in this competition.

  3. Only the first place winners in each month's General and Special Categories are eligible.

  4. Members with more than three entries in a category must reduce the number of their entries in such categories to maximum of three.

  5. Moving an anagram to another category is not allowed.

  6. There are also seven once-a-year categories that include:

    1. Best Overall Short Anagram

    2. Best Overall Long Anagram

    3. Awardsmaster's Choice for the Best Rookie Anagrammatist. (only members who joined in the preceding year are eligible)

    4. Awardsmaster's Choice for the Most Improved Anagrammatist.

    5. The Mick Tully Memorial Award for the Most Consistent Anagrammatist.

    6. The Daniel F. Etter Memorial Award for the Anagrammatist of the Year is awarded to the person accumulating the most monthly adjusted points in the year, using the formula:
      Adjusted points = (points per category * nominations per category)/total voters in each category.

    7. Special Award for Services to the Anagrammy Awards is an occasional award for a person whose contribution to the running of the awards is worthy of special recognition.

  7. The winners will be found on the Grand Anagrammy Winners Page.

Updated: May 10, 2016


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