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Y = Winners of Anagrammies

  1. Summer time and the living is easy  
  2. Frente: Safe From You  
  3. Alanis Morissette: Thank You  
  4. The Little Boy and the Old Man Y
  5. A poem from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland  
  6. Sylvia Plath: Words Y
  7. Temple of the Dog: Wooden Jesus  
  8. Hunger Strike  
  9. K's Choice: Everything for Free  
  10. The Ten Commandments Y
  11. Alanis Morissette: You oughta know  
  12. Morcheeba: The Sea  
  13. A quote from Joseph Conrad's 'Chance'  
  14. Robert Bridges: Absence  
  15. Christina Georgina Rossetti: A Birthday  
  16. The area is empty and light is low  
  17. Alas, poor Yorick!  
  18. There was an old woman who lived in a shoe  
  19. A Farewell by Coventry Patmore  
  20. Tori Amos: Winter  
  21. Mey K.: English Ode of a Vampire and Subtle Seductions  
  22. A Daughter of Eve by Christina Georgina Rossetti Y
  23. Winter Nightfall by Robert Bridges Y
  24. Eminem's "Stan"  
  25. Several treatments of a pair of acrostic poems Y
  26. A poem by Rossetti, anagrammed into a paraphrase that is also an acrostic on the poet's name  
  27. A poem by Plath, anagrammed into a paraphrase that is also an acrostic on the poet's name  
  28. George Meredith: Love in the Valley Y
  29. Not a whit, we defy augury  
  30. Yehuda Amichai: What Kind of a Person  
  31. Dora Sigerson: Ireland Y
  32. O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?  
  33. Matthew Arnold: Shakespeare  
  34. Britney Spears: E-mail My Heart  
  35. Henry Vaughan: Peace Y
  36. Virginia Woolf's suicide note to her husband Leonard Y
  37. Sylvia Plath: Child  
  38. Everlast: What It's Like Y
  39. Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruslera  
  40. John Keats: Ode on Melancholy Y
  41. Douglas Malloch: Be The Best of Whatever You Are Y
  42. Colors Y
  43. Pink: Get The Party Started Y
  44. The Beatles: Across the Universe Y
  45. Oscar Wilde: Madonna Mia Y
  46. William Blake: The Clod and the Pebble  
  47. 9 Rooms - A Paradoxical Poem YYY
  48. An Enigma Y
  49. William Shakespeare: Sonnet XIV Y
  50. Augustus Gloop! Augustus Gloop! Y
  51. Upside-down trees swingin' free Y
  52. A verse of an Oscar Wilde poem anagrammed into an acrostic square on the author's name Y
  53. Henry Sambrooke Leigh: The Twins Y
  54. Christina Rossetti: Listening Y
  55. William Shakespeare: Sonnet CXVII Y
  56. A small bit from Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", Chapter VIII Y
  57. Edwin Arlington Robinson: Richard Cory Y
  58. Two celestial poems Y
  59. There was only one catch and that was Catch-22  
  60. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Night Y
  61. The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost Y
  62. All I ever wanted  
  63. Eminem: Cleaning Out My Closet Y
  64. When I consider every thing that grows Y
  65. When I have Fears that I may Cease to Be  
  66. Magic by Shel Silverstein Y
  67. A poem by Jonathan Swift, which can be presented as a riddle when its title is obscured Y
  68. Smart Y
  69. Ironic by Alanis Morissette YY
  70. A Tribute to the Month of May Y
  71. William Shakespeare's Sonnet 19 Y
  72. If by Rudyard Kipling Y
  73. Wilde: The Grave of Shelley Y
  74. Sonnet Number Two by William Shakespeare Y
  75. Shakespeare's Seventy-Sixth Sonnet Y
  76. Remember me when I am gone away Y
  77. On the twelfth day of Christmas  
  78. Paddy's Song (The Bricklayer's Lament) Y
  79. A Monty Python rant  
  80. Do They Know It's Christmas Time 2004  
  81. A sonnet by Keats, anagrammed into three poems each in the style of different poet Y
  82. Childhood by Michael Jackson  
  83. An excerpt from The Parson's Tale Y
  84. Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep Y
  85. Christina Rossetti: A Birthday Y
  86. John Keats: To My Brother George Y
  87. House of the Rising Sun (traditional version)  
  88. List of Shakespeare's plays Y
  89. The Aristocrats  
  90. 'Jabberwocky' Ambigram Y
  91. A Wilde Magic Word Square Y
  92. On an Infant Dying as Soon as Born by Charles Lamb Y
  93. E Tenebris - Sonnet by Oscar Wilde Y
  94. MacArthur Park (Lyrics and music by Jimmy Webb) Y
  95. O! Solitude Y
  96. Poisoning Pidgeons in the Park Y
  97. In An Artist's Studio Y
  98. The Peace Proposal Y
  99. Wilfred Owen's Anthem to Doomed Youth Y
  100. A limerick containing an anagram anagrammed into another limerick containing an anagram.  
  101. Francis Heaney's 'Holy Tango of Literature' Y
  102. Shakespeare's weather-themed sonnet is anagrammed into a series of 4 seasonal sonnets, each with its fitting acrostic. Y
  103. The Oscar Wilde poem 'Les Silhouettes' Y
  104. Christina Rossetti's poem 'Listening' Y
  105. Twas the Night Before Christmas Y
  106. Sonnet 153 YY
  107. Sonnet 144 Y
  108. A sonnet by Alfred Lord Tennyson Y
  109. A Superscription Y
  110. Sonnet 12 YY
  111. A Soldier YY
  112. Sonnet LIV Y
  113. My Favorite Things  
  114. Sonnet 86 YYY
  115. Sonnet 24 Y
  116. Sonnet 22 Y
  117. On Shakespeare Y
  118. Keats' "When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be" Y
  119. "Childhood" by Michael Jackson  
  120. Sonnet for Christmas Y
  121. We Are The World  
  122. Sonnet 64 Y
  123. Short verse outlining Mount Etna in Virgil's Aeneid, Book III Y
  124. The Snake Y
  125. Easter YY
  126. The Author to Her Book Y
  127. From George Farquhar's 'The Recruiting Officer'  
  128. Octopus's Garden YYY
  129. We Didn't Start the Fire  
  130. Sonnet 30 Y
  131. Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening  
  132. The Human Seasons Y
  133. Elvis Presley's "Yoga Is as Yoga Does"  
  134. A small sample from a coven's spell verses found in the play "MacBeth" Y
  135. Thanksgiving Day YY
  136. "All Saints" by Christina G. Rosetti Y
  137. Comfort Y
  138. Caelica 86 Y
  139. The full lyrics of the song "Tears Dry On Their Own" Y
  140. Sonnet 108 Y
  141. Sonnet 129 Y
  142. The Poet's Calendar Y

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